The land of Gta is a planet created solely by God that respectively supports a large variety of life, including angels, humans creatures, and animals. The planet is nearly 5 billion years old and is located in the Solar System, within the Milky Way Galaxy. Entities like angels and demons can manifest on the land via possession in the use of vessels. Others can appear physically by assuming human form.

Welcome to the Angels of gta WikiaEdit

Angels are powerful, celestial beings created by God to serve as his soldiers and defenders, also used in his war against Lucifer and his demons. They are native to Heaven and are imbued with both holy white light as well as considerable power. Their true form is nothing less than that of holy righteous beings which are hazardous, overwhelming, and terrifying all at the same time; ranging from two to six (maybe more) large feathered wings on their backs, four animalistic heads with halos of light around them, and heights as tall as skyscrapers.

Angels are one of the most powerful entities in the grand theft auto world, generally outclassing all demons, monsters, and other supernatural creatures with the exception of the Leviathans, The Horsemen, and God Himself.

Here you can find some of the well known celestial beings that wander the Grand theft auto world.

Known AngelsEdit

Luke-Dila (Angel)

Laurence f

Damain (Grigori)

Zach (Grigori)

Types of Angels (Celestial Hierarchy)Edit

Arch Angels

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